Inaya Library Book Donation Drive

The process is very easy and simple. If somebody wishes to donate books or other reading material to IMC Library then donor may kindly send or deposit the material with the list to library and in return Library will send the letter of receipt to the donor.

Gifts and Exchange policy

The Library welcomes gifts of materials which may be of value to the Library but accepts them with the understanding that it has the right to handle or dispose of them in the best interest of the institution. Library Director may accept material gifts from donor on behalf of the library. The Library keeps a record of all donors. Gift materials for the library will be accepted provided the following criteria:

  • The materials donated to the library will be subject to the same criteria that are applied to new materials; meaning the gift will undergo review for usefulness, physical condition, indirect costs such as processing and storage.
  • It is understood that the Librarian / Library Director has the authority in deciding whether and how all or part of a gift of materials is incorporated into the Library’s collection and policies.
  • The Library accepts only gifts which have no “strings” attached (i.e. no special restrictions or procedures designated by the donor).
  • Donors must agree that if we do not add items to the collection, we can put the items on the library book sale table, can seek exchange methods with other libraries.
  • The library provides donors with an appreciation letter.

The policies above also apply to the personal collections of retiring faculty wishing to donate their collections to the library.

Library Letter to Inaya Community Requesting Donation of Books and Other Reading Materials

Dear Inaya Community,

Hello and Welcome

First of all, Library would like to sincerely thank all our donors including Faculty, students & staff for their continuous donations of books, CDs, etc. Also we wish to thanks one of our teaching Staff who recently donated number of books to the library.

Last year we have added many books to the library collection on a donation drive. Library welcomes the donation of gently used books which may be of value to the Library. We wish to encourage all of you to please actively participate in book donation drive which will definitely help us to develop our collection.

Your donations provide others with access to reading materials. These resources are a great value, treasure and wealth to all the libraries and every individual that use them in the coming days. The key to success is to communicate widely and repeatedly. In our experience, almost everyone wants to contribute, but many people need frequent reminding and encouragement to bring in their books.

We have a few general guidelines in regards to the type of materials we accept. Selection to the addition to the library’s collection will be based upon the library’s policies and guidelines.

Join Today

You'll be helping the entire Inaya community and yourself.

Thank you in advance for considering donating books / reading materials to the Library.

With Best Library Wishes


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