Library Services & Facilities

Philosophy of Service
Our users are our most important assets and we believe that all users are entitled to:

1. A library environment free of disruptive activity.
2. Appropriate and knowledgeable assistance from the library and staff.
3. Access library materials in all formats.

The library offers a range of services and facilities that include

Borrowing Services:
Library welcome your use of our resources, please inquire at the circulation desk for circulation information regarding the particular materials you wish to use.

The Circulation desk conduct the check out and check in of borrowed library materials, the placement of holds on library materials in circulation, the renewal of borrowed materials and signing of clearances etc.

Library Card: A library user must have a valid ID card which serves as Library cards. In order to borrow materials from the library, ID Card should be presented at the Circulation Desk every time.

Authorized Users:

  • College Bona fide / regular students
  • College Administrators, Faculty and Staff
Other Users:
  • Part time students
  • Visitors are welcome to use the Library collection but they do not have borrowing privileges and all resources consulted must be used on site

Reference Services:
The main concern of Reference service is providing assistance to the library users. Its scope ranges from simple directional information to a deeper task of helping a user in making researches. The activities include:

  • To evaluate and respond actively to the user’s needs and demands
  • Locating information on topic
  • Perform on-line literature search
  • Assist library users in obtaining needed information
  • Providing college community of its information needs from journals, books, reports and other latest reference sources in both print and electronic format

Current Awareness Services:
This is one of our most successful means of communicating with Inaya College community. Library furnishes current awareness services through the preparation and distribution of bilingual Library Current Awareness Bulletin. This E-mail service also offers thoughtful, easy-to-read summaries of the key recent publications in the field of medical and the allied health sciences etc. The objective of this service is to make the college community aware of the availability of new titles includes current issues of magazines, new books, reports and similar materials received in the Library during the preceding months as well as current news and events concerning of our users interest. Each issue focuses on a topic of current concern to the Library and college community. Library welcome any suggestions or information that you may want to see in future issues of the bulletin.

Computer Workstations (Internet services):
The primary use of computers in the Library is to provide access to information and research, access to College web site and the electronic databases. The Library provides 14 work stations in Central and 16 in Female library, each connected to the Photocopier cum printer. A Library workstation is a workstation that is physically located in and/or maintained by the college Library. Printing from computer workstations within the Library requires the user ID & password. You may use these terminals to search the online, databases, or conduct other research. In addition, many laptop users visit the Library on a regular basis to take advantage of the Library’s wireless network as the Library’s Wi-Fi Hotspot is also available.

Course Reserve Services:
Materials placed on reserve in the Library are those items identified by instructor for use by their students. Course Reserve materials include library-owned materials and instructor-supplied materials (copies of articles, books etc.). Students may check to see if their instructor has placed items on reserve by searching the Course Reserves section in the library.

Photocopy & Printing Services:
Photocopier cum Printer is located in the main library entrance. Library has a fee-based photocopy service for photocopying materials. This service is available to those who have access to a college account. We cannot charge an individual directly. Printing from computer workstations within the Library requires the user ID & password. You may print from any Library computer terminals to the printer in the Library. Color printing is not available. International copyright laws should be observed

Library Orientation / Instruction services:
Library offer orientation programs throughout the year for faculty, staff, and students. These orientations can include demonstrations of the library’s resources and services and general tours of the library. Library staff is available to instruct you and your students on library services and resources.

If you would like to learn how to access the library’s resources, find out about the services offered by the College Library, and take a tour of Library, just let us know! The sessions will last approximately 20-25 minutes, depending on your interests and questions. To schedule a tour/orientation session, please use or give us a call at Ext: 500 / 142 or to meet at the Information Desk. You may also email your request to If you're new to the college campus, this orientation can answer many of the questions you may have about the Library.

Library Online Presence (E-Library)
Library provides access to online electronic resources (Databases), library online catalog, and general information about the Library. Faculty are also encouraged to look for new resources and services at the Library webpage and Sharing it with the wider Inaya Community. The library can be accessed through the Internet via the Web at and through our website Anyone of our Inaya community member may freely access the library from on or off campus with an Internet connection.

Group / Individual Study Room Services:
The room has designed for the convenience of students who wish to converse while studying. The purpose of the group study rooms is to provide a location for group discussion and collaborative learning. No reservation for this room is required and availability is on a first-come/first-served basis. Sign-up sheets and study room keys are available at the Circulation desk. Group study rooms with projector facilities attract users who want to study, learn, and work collaboratively.

Enquiry/ Feedback Services:
Library welcomes suggestions and comments about all the services we offer. Please feel free to provide feedback to us at any time by emailing or stopping by the library in person. If you wish to comment or to suggest a service improvement, you may use any of the following ways:

  • Enquiries may be addressed in person, by speaking to library staff
  • By Telephone: If you have any comments on the Library service, please ring Ext-500 /142
  • By Email: For Central Library: / female
  • By post: You can also send your comments to us by writing to:
  • Library,
    Inaya Medical College
    P.O.Box-271880 Riyadh-11352, Saudi Arabia
    Tel: 920001103 Ext: 500 /400

    Open Access Facility:
    The Library is dedicated to ensure free and open access to information in all formats for all members of IMC community. The IMC Libraries collections are available to all individuals for use on site. Members of the Inaya Community are welcome to use the Library's collections on site during regular library hours. You can locate materials in the collection by consulting the Library's on-line catalog, KOHA. Staff at the Circulation / Information Desk can also help locate materials.

    Library Visits / Tours
    The Library welcomes on and off-campus groups to schedule visits / tours of the Library. For younger groups, a supervisor / guide must accompany with them. Please contact us in advance to schedule your visit / tour at our Ext; 500 / 400

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