Collection Maintenance & Evaluation policy

  1. Evaluation of the collection - The continuous review of library materials is necessary as a means of maintaining an active library collection of current interest to users. Evaluations will be made to determine whether the collection is meeting its objectives, how well it is serving its users, in which ways it is deficient, and what remains to be done to develop the collection. This process requires the same attention to quality and authority as the original selection of materials.
  2. De-Selection /Weeding of Materials - Materials which do not support the library collection's stated purposes and objectives may be removed in order to maintain a current and useful collection. Library staffs are responsible for conducting de-selection and maintaining the quality of the library collection. Whenever possible and necessary, faculty will be invited to participate in the weeding process by reviewing lists of materials targeted for withdrawal. The library will make withdrawal lists available for concerned authority’s perusal. The following criteria will be employed when de-selecting library materials:
    • Materials that are severely outdated or no longer relevant
    • Materials that are in irreparable physical condition or are severely defaced
    • Titles which have been superseded in our collection by later editions
    • Obsolete materials
    • Overall research value to faculty and students
    • Availability of materials in available electronic resources
    • To remove materials presumed to be controversial or disapproved of by segments of the Inaya community
    • Materials no longer serve any historical, instructional, or research interest
  3. Duplication of materials - Duplicates will only be purchased under rare circumstances, demands or recommendations. For most materials, initially only one or two copy is purchased.
  4. Replacement - The library will not automatically replace materials that are reported missing or lost. The Library staff will evaluate which titles should be replaced, with either the same title, or a similar one. Heavily used items that are necessary for teaching, learning or research will be replaced as quickly as possible whenever available for purchase.

Final note: Library Collection Development Policy & Procedures are subject to review and / or change by the library, as they deem necessary. The library is devoted to building a balanced collection in all appropriate formats.

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