Library Committee

The purpose of the Library Committee is to act as an advisory body to the library director and to work with him to ensure that library programs and services support the educational goals of the institution. The Library advising Committee is composed of faculty representatives selected from the academic departments with the Librarians as ex officio members of the committee. The committee serves to advise and assist in the areas of library service and use.

Library Committee Members-

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Advise the Librarian concerning library policies and to suggest means of integrating these policies
  • Advise and assist the Library Staff in the selection and weeding/de-selection process
  • Assist in allocating funds budgeted for the library;
  • Stimulate the students of the college to optimum use of library materials;
  • Study the needs of the library and recommend ways of improving the collection, its accessibility, and its use, facility, and service policies, and on new initiatives
  • Regularly review library policies and procedures, to ensure that the services provided by the Library reflect the needs and interests of the academic community
  • Provide advice to help the library achieve its mission and realize its strategic plans
  • Consider such other matters pertaining to the library

Term of membership: Three years
Additional Information: Committee meets quarterly. Committee addresses Library service issues from the users' perspective and works with Library administration to get input from faculty, students, and staff concerning proposed changes in Library policies and practices. Faculty who serve on this committee should have a "global perspective" about services the Library may be willing to provide, as well as become involved in committee projects. Projects may involve additional time beyond the committee meetings. Historically, students have been active members of this committee.

Duties of the Librarian / Library Director:

  • The Library Director shall attend all Library Board meetings except those at which his/her appointment or salary is to be discussed or decided.
  • The Library Director shall function as a member of the executive committee but does not have voting privileges.
  • Librarian / Library Director will be responsible for the general care of the building and equipment, for the employment and direction of the staff, for the efficiency of the public services of the library, for the management of the library under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget and for the recorded minutes of the Library Committee

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