Vision, Mission and Objectives

IMC library acquire, organize, manage and provide students, faculty, and staff with effective and equitable access to specialized collections, facilities, and services to respond to the user’s information literate and promote excellence in learning, teaching, and research.

IMC library aspires to become an advanced center for the dissemination of modern information and knowledge to achieve college educational and research objectives.

The library's values are the important principles and beliefs that guide staff as they seek to accomplish the library's vision and mission. IMC values support library services to deliver its stated mission the College library will:
  • Valuing users Integrity & transparency
  • Respond instantly to user’s requests and needs.
  • Endeavor for excellence, and professionalism.
  • Collaborate and form partnerships with other national and international organizations.
  • Committed to learning, explorations and equity of access.

  • To maintain and organize the physical environment to be conducive to the preservation and use of the Library’s resources by users
  • Develop and maintain understanding needs of its users and respond to them.
  • To evaluate, acquire, organize, and provide information resources (in a variety of formats) that adequately support the curricula of the Inaya college.
  • To provide services that facilitates the use of the library
  • To employ an appropriate number of competent, qualified library professionals and support staff for the implementation and maintenance of library operations.
  • To provide opportunities of professional development and training for the library staff.
  • Promote effective relationship with other libraries in the Kingdom and outside.
  • To incorporate the use of new technologies when and where appropriate for supporting the mission of the library.
  • To maintain practices reflecting the latest developments in the fields of library science
  • Preserve the collections for library users.

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