General Rules for the Use of Library (Code of Conduct)

In order to accomplish our mission, the IMC Library Requires all Users to comply with the following General Rules and Regulations:

  • All users must observe total silence & maintain good order in the library at all times.
  • Smoking, spitting, sleeping, eating and drinking are prohibited in the Library.
  • Users should turn off or make silent all cell phones when entering the Library.
  • Use of the computer work stations to disseminate offensive material is prohibited.
  • Users may not attempt to change or modify hardware or software configurations or install software for personal use on the Library's workstations.
  • Users are responsible for the safety and security of their personal possessions. The library will not be held responsible for any personal belongings of users that are lost, stolen, or damaged on Library premises.
  • The marking and defacing of any publication is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not re-shelve books or shelve them elsewhere. Leave all items on the tables or on carts.
  • Library users must sign in when arriving.
  • Seats cannot be reserved in the Library Reading Hall.
  • Student /Employee ID cards must be produced whenever requested by Library staff and should not be loaned to others.
  • Library furniture, fittings or equipment must not be misused or their arrangement altered.
  • Library users may be asked to present their bag for inspection by Library staff, as well as any books or folders they are carrying.
  • Office supplies such as diskettes and stationery will not be provided by the Library.
  • Children are expected to be accompanied by an adult and should not be left unattended. Parents, guardians, and/or caretakers are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children.
  • Photography / recording is not permitted without prior permission.
  • Change of address, phone number has to be reported to the Library staff immediately.
  • Library staff has the right to ask users to leave the library if they misbehave/disobey the Library Rules and Regulations or if they are inappropriately dressed or are causing a disturbance.
  • Users are obliged to comply with copyright law.
  • Library users are free to report any complaints concerning library services to the Librarian.
  • Violations of the rules may result in loss of Library privileges or other appropriate actions.


  • The main purpose of these rules is to safeguard the common interests of all readers and to enable the Library to carry out its functions as efficiently as possible.
  • Written library Rules, policies & procedures are available at the Circulation Desk and All users are advised to become familiar and adhere to them.
  • The library management can modify the regulations as it may deem advisable.

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