List of Students Projects / Research Reports / Etc.

SNo Title of Reports / Projects Year Prepared By College / Departments Remarks
1 Learning Outcome In Respiratory Therapy Program 2018 Aboalla W.,Alabbad A., Alawami H., Alesaa A., Alfaraj M., Alfozan N., Alfowaires R., Alghaneem S, Alhamad Z., Alkhars R., Almassad M., Alobaid Al., Bahlool A. Buhalayqah F. Respiratory Therapy
2 Effect of Corset on Pulmonary Function Variables in Healthy Women: Randomized Control Experimental Trial 2017 Abualrahi A., Albaharnah N., Alghamdi R., Almalki N., Alshaer A., Faqih A. Respiratory Therapy
3 Prevalence of Respiratory Disease among Fine Artists 2017 Aboalla W.,Alabbad A., Alawami H., Alesaa A., Alfaraj M., Alfozan N., Alfowaires R., Alghaneem S, Alhamad Z., Alkhars R., Almassad M., Alobaid Al., Bahlool A. Buhalayqah F. Al-Faraj N., Al Gaood N., Al Harbi B., Al-Saben E., Al Mustafa A., Al-Zouri M., Barnawi L. Respiratory Therapy
4 Protein Profile of The Camel Lung 2018 Abualmakarem Z., Aldossari R., Alismah Z., Sherer W. Respiratory Therapy
5 Energy Drinks and Pulmonary Function Values 2017 Al- Alawi Z., Al- Habib Z., Al- humud S., Al- Maateq A., Ojan A., Al- Saffar E., AL-Yahya F. Respiratory Therapy
6 Respiratory Therapist Involvement in Ethical Decision Making 2018 R. Thuwaini, Y. Alanazi, A. Alhammadi, M. Girgirah, A. Aldosari, R. Aldosari, A. Aljuaidan, A. Alrashed Respiratory Therapy
7 Compliance and Airways Resistance Measurements in two Ventilators During APRV Mode in an ARDS Simulated Lung Model: Bench Study Abdulqder E., Alessa F., Alhawsawi M., Alherz F., Alhumaid Z., Almuhaiza A., Alotaibi A., AlQatan F., Alsalloum L., Alsubiti Z., Hilal M., Salman K. Respiratory Therapy
8 A Comparison between Conventional and Simulation Teaching Methods in performing Tracheotomy Care among Respiratory Care Students. Alarfat A., Alsaihati B., Almalak D., Albanki F., Abuzaid F., Alotaibi F., Alwayil F., Aldossri R., Almarzouq R., Alhummaid S., Mead S., Alsahoor Z. Respiratory Therapy
9 The Effects of Methyl Methacrylate Exposure on Dental Technicians Lung Function Alamri S., Alarbash M., Albusroor J., Almanski F., Almarzooq F., Almorohen D., Almowaled S., Alnaife A., Alonazy W., Alsaedi D., Alsaeed S., Alsafwani R., Alshalla R., Alsunaikh A., Moselekh S., Youssef H. Respiratory Therapy
10 Effects of Chemical Cleaning Materials on Pulmonary Function Parameters in Female Domestic Maids in Saudi Arabia: A Pilot Study 2017 / 2018 Alawad H., Alenezi A., Alhelal E., Alatiyah M., Alsadah Z., Albinali S., Alaaidy M. Respiratory Therapy 3 copies
11 Effects of Prenatal Hypoxia on Chicken Embryo Development Organ and Tissue Specific 2017 / 2018 Abbas N., ALmekbel A., AlOnezi D. Alshurafa D., AlZahir N. Respiratory Therapy
12 Prevalence of Group A Streptococcus infection among Health care providers in KSA 2017 Alsheri R., Alobaidi K., Alghiriafi H., Alfaraj B., Alqattan Z., Tuhaifah W. Alawami A. Respiratory Therapy
13 Impact of Sheep Barns Environment on Pulmonary Function Alkhudhair, M., Alrouqi, S., Almurayt, A., Albakri A., Ali, F., Alharthi, A., Batrfie, R., Alanzi, M. Respiratory Therapy
14 Impact of Animal Handlers Environment on Pulmonary Function in Pet Shop Workers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Allabad, N., Alradi, R., Alrubeh, B., Alsenni, T., Alshahrani, A., Hosameldenn, Z. Respiratory Therapy
15 Effect of Aerosolized Garlic Extract (Allium Sativum) On Klebsiella Pneumonia Induced lung Infection in Rats 2019 Alnafeisah, G., Alaud, H., Aldurihem, S., ALatiyah, Z., Alfaran, B., Alabdullah, H. Respiratory Therapy
16 Reason for Smoking Cessation 2019 Al khodeir, M., Al khalid, S., Almarzooq, Z., Alali, K., Adhad, R., ALnhakil, L., Barnawi L. Respiratory Therapy
17 Mystery of Hidden Danger in Bath Toys 2019 Alyousef, A., Alghamdi, G., Almulla, R., Almarhoon, Z., Emwees, A. Respiratory Therapy
18 Effects of Variance Coffee Consumption on Pulmonary Function in Healthy Women 2019 Alali, E., Alasif, E., Alnamir, H., Almarzouq, J., Almalki, M., Almomen, N., Rabuh, Z. Respiratory Therapy
19 Exposure to cooking fumes and its effects on pulmonary function parameters in barbeque restaurants; workers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2019 Abdulgadir A. AlZahrani, AlMarzooq, H., Helal, F, Aldoosri, AlHwsawi, M, AlAbas Z. Respiratory Therapy
20 Precautions for a pediatric patient during nuclear medicine procedure 2019 Abdul-Aziz Musa Abdulrahman AlMousa,Mohammed Khalid Ali Bucheer Nuclear Medicine Technology
21 Analysis of different procedures for dealing with handicapped patients in Nuclear Medicine 2019 Salman Ahmed Thani,Ahmed Abdullah Yassen Nuclear Medicine Technology
22 The awareness of pediatric Physician about role of nuclear medicine studies in the first year of life 2019 Ghadeer AlKaram,Fatimah AlMahal,Zahra Alalqam Nuclear Medicine Technology
23 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Nuclear Medicine workers among patient receiving radioiodine therapy 2019 Lujain Al-Ibrahim, Ghufran Al-Hashim, Ibtehal Al-Rhaiman Nuclear Medicine Technology
24 Analysis of the variation of Geometrical design of different nuclear medicine units 2019 Hussein Mohammed Al-Saggar,Saif Salah Al-Anazi Nuclear Medicine Technology
25 Studying the flaws among procedures in Nuclear Medicine Department 2019 Mohammed Omran AlKhabbaz,Ali Khaled AlQattan Nuclear Medicine Technology
26 Comparative study between automatic and manual processing method for thyroid uptake calculation 2019 Mohammed Fayad Samer Fayad AlMosalli,Mabruk Saleh Mabruk AlHarbi Nuclear Medicine Technology
27 Studying the difference between the automatic method of RIO drawing and the manual method of RIO drawing 2019 Ahmad Mahmood Ali,Mubarak Saeed AlThawadi Nuclear Medicine Technology
28 The Incidence of congenital renal anomalies detected by Tc99m-DMSA scan in Saudi Arabia 2019 Bashayer Ali AlBasharawi, Ghufran AlFaraj, Kawather AlKhabbaz Nuclear Medicine Technology
29 Comparison between filtered back projection (FBP) 2019 Abdulaziz Saud AlGethani,Saeed Soliman AlBalawi Nuclear Medicine Technology
30 Mobile Application for dosimetric calculations used by Nuclear Medicine Technologists 2019 Mohammed AlRamadan Nuclear Medicine Technology
31 Awareness with method of avoiding PET/CT artifacts 2019 Tuqa AlMutawa Nuclear Medicine Technology
32 Calculation of Extracted doses for patient in FDG PET scan using automated software 2018 Wael Salah AlAnizy Nuclear Medicine Technology
33 Evaluation of the effectiveness of adding SPECT/CT to whole body bone scan to determine when to add SPECT/CT to WB Bone scan 2018 Marram Hussain AlJassas, Amnah Abdulaziz Bazroon,Rawan Nabeel AlIbrahim, Baneen Abdulhai AlSaleem Nuclear Medicine Technology
34 Assessment of Ventilation/Profusion scan in diagnosis of pulmonary Embolism 2018 Balqees AlBandar,Amany AlTurk,Rasha Daraghma,Doaa AlHamoud Nuclear Medicine Technology
35 The role of Nuclear Medicine in assessment of urinary tract infection using Tc-99m DMSA 2018 Malak Salem,Amjad Hamdan Nuclear Medicine Technology
36 The research between thyroid uptake and nodule size 2018 Adeem AlJlaoud,Anwar AlKaram,Ghufran AlFarrag,Razan AlRubeh,Somia AlShehri,Sundus Hamid Nuclear Medicine Technology
37 Assessment of impacts of ionization in hematological cells in occupational workers in nuclear medicine department 2018 Kawthar Shaheed AlHabbas, Sukainah Ali AlMatrood, Fatimah Hassan AlMubarak,Salma Ali AlHaji, Fatimah AlSuliman, Zainab AlHumaidi Nuclear Medicine Technology
38 Computer based information system for nuclear medicine procedure 2018 Mohammed Nasser AlOtaibi,Ali Mohsen AlOtaibi Nuclear Medicine Technology
39 Effect of the background drawing on the calculations of GFR of the Kidney using DTPA 2018 Yousef AlOnazi,Zaid AlEraij Nuclear Medicine Technology
40 Analysis of the Radiation exposure for Nuclear Medicine Technology students during the Clinical Training 2018 Mohammed Ali AlShhri Nuclear Medicine Technology
41 Optical Imaging the future prospective for Nuclear Medicine 2017 Sultan Ali AlBishi Nuclear Medicine Technology
42 Robot for decontamination of spill in nuclear medicine facility 2017 Mohammed Abdul Kareem AlKhares Nuclear Medicine Technology
43 Assessment of Patient satisfaction in Nuclear Medicine Services in Riyadh 2016 Ahmed Abu Hassnah Nuclear Medicine Technology
44 Program application for Nuclear Medicine Technology 2017 Esraa Abdullah AlShibibni, Zainab Haider AlQamar, Zainab Hussain AlAbbas Nuclear Medicine Technology
45 The role of Nuclear Medicine in Pediatric diagnosis 2016 Khaled Nasser AlRashadaa Nuclear Medicine Technology
46 Preclinical imaging importance and recent practice using Molecular imaging 2016 Abdullah H. AlHashim,Anas I. AlHazmi Nuclear Medicine Technology
47 Detection and evaluation thyroid carcinoma by using 1131 2017 Nayef AlSuliman,Mohammed AlQahtani Nuclear Medicine Technology
48 Radiation Protection 2017 Khalifa Buallay,Abdulla AlMurayer Nuclear Medicine Technology
49 Practical Method for control of contamination in Nuclear Medicine Department 2017 Hanan AlMuhanna,Nada AlAli,Noor Batook Nuclear Medicine Technology
50 Evaluate, compare and awareness the side effects of Lymph node dissection (LND) with or without lymph node biopsy (LNB) 2017 Eithar AlFareed,Anwar Qanbar,Salma AlSaffar Nuclear Medicine Technology
51 Procedures & Techniques in dealing with pediatric patients in Nuclear Medicine Department 2017 Sara AlBasha,Fatimah AlTaweel,Azhar Abdulaal Nuclear Medicine Technology
52 Comparison between SPECT/CT and PET/CT in detection bone metastases 2016 Hala AlMuzayen,Wafa AlJaffe Nuclear Medicine Technology
53 Compare and evaluate renal function with MAG3. DMSA and DTPA 2017 Shoug Mahmmoud AlHarbi, Haneen Khaled Hashim, Nouf Mohammed AlAlwa, Maha Naji AlShakhs Nuclear Medicine Technology
54 Assessment of Condylar Hyperplasia using several imaging modalities 2017 Heba Ahmed Meska,Sara Maher Abu-Zubaida,Shaha Faisal AlMowail Nuclear Medicine Technology
55 Side effects of radioiodine therapy for patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma 2016 Amal AlSheef,AlBandrei AlOnazei Nuclear Medicine Technology
56 Type of Renal Scintigraphy 2015 Hawraa AlSabea,Alaa AlKhawajah,Sawsan AlAli Nuclear Medicine Technology
57 Role of PET in diagnostic of Alzheimer's disease 2016 Fatima AlZawid,Narjes, AlGhazal,Zahera AlHaji Nuclear Medicine Technology
58 Infection imaging in nuclear medicine(The role of Ga 67) 2016 Masomah AlSaffar, Fatima AlTuriky,Donia AlMusali,Fatima AlHammad,Nurah Fahad Nuclear Medicine Technology
59 The use of 18F – FDG in diagnosing fever of unknown origin 2016 Sukainah Mohammed,Yaqeen AlJnbi Nuclear Medicine Technology
60 PET/MRI: Challenge and new direction in Nuclear Medicine 2016 Taherah Mahdi AlHalayel, Noor Ali AlMualim, Sajedah Jafaar AlBoori, Fatimah Habib Al Ghawi Nuclear Medicine Technology
61 Compare between ideal design Nuclear Medicine Department and Riyadh Hospitals Nuclear Medicine to reach Radiation safety 2018 Malikah AlShafie, Fatimah AlJanabi, Batool Darwish, Rahmah Hanbobah, Sara AlKhabbaz Nuclear Medicine Technology
62 Awareness of the patients with examination instruction in Nuclear Medicine Department in Saudi Arabia 2018 Noura AlOtaibi,Reyouf AlKhininy, Raghad AlFarraj,Alaa AlYousif Nuclear Medicine Technology
63 Quality control application for basic instrumentation in Nuclear Medicine Department 2017 Maha AlMuhanna,Ghufran AlRefai Nuclear Medicine Technology
64 Radiopharmaceuticals & Drugs interactions software 2017 Fatima AlSlais,Zakya AlZayer Nuclear Medicine Technology
65 Responsibilities of nuclear Medicine Technologist in Emergency 2017 Zahra AlDarwish,Rehab AlJabar Nuclear Medicine Technology
66 Development of Radiation attenuating gloves with build-in Thermoluminescent dosimeter 2017 Yaqeen Abdulaal,Gaida AlJarallah Nuclear Medicine Technology
67 Comparison between V/Q Lung Scintigraphy and computed tomography pulmonary angiography (CTPA) in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism 2016 Maryam Qaw,Sara Abdulwahab,Jenan AlAwami Nuclear Medicine Technology
68 Quantitative evaluation of three different software for calculation of left ventricle ejection fraction 2018 Feras Ali AlGadhi,Tariq Saeed AlGadhi Nuclear Medicine Technology
69 The promising role of 18F – FDG PET in detecting infected lower limb prosthesis implants 2018 Sundes AlSheikh Hussain, Fatimah AlRamis, Fadak AlSaeed, Hawraa AlHashim Nuclear Medicine Technology
70 Role of Nuclear Medicine in Gastro esophageal reflux 2018 Yaqeen AlOwisheer, Hawraa AlSabah, Ayah AlHubail Nuclear Medicine Technology
71 An In-house Calculation Software of consumed doses in Nuclear Medicine Unit 2018 Ali Mossa AlMutwaeh Nuclear Medicine Technology
72 Characteristics of Heart disease using Spect Scintgraphy 2016 Maher Salem Alazmi,Fahhad Muflih AlDawsari Nuclear Medicine Technology
73 Role PET/CT in the prostate Cancer 2018 Sakinah AlShallaa, Eman AlSultan,Alaa AlQattan,Noof AlQattan,Duaa AlQattan,Fatimah AlQattan Nuclear Medicine Technology
74 Evaluation of PET/CET in patients with cervical & Cancer 2017 Najibah Al Abu Abdullah,Zahra AlIbrahim,Arwa AlManasif Nuclear Medicine Technology
75 Study of the Extent of radiation protection awareness in all healthcare professions 2019 Hala Khalid AK,Sajeda Ali Hassan,Walaa AlSadayer,Raghad AlSalem Nuclear Medicine Technology
76 Evaluation of non-Osseous artifact in bone scan 2019 Khatoon Zaki AlFaraj,Anan Hassan AlZareif,Zahra Hassan AlYahya Nuclear Medicine Technology
77 Diagnostic performance of F-18 FDG PET/CT in patients with unknown primary Tumor 2017 Nayef AlSuliman,Mohammed AlQahtani Nuclear Medicine Technology
78 Reevaluation of the standardized uptake value for FDG: Variations with body weight, body surface area and methods for corrections 2018 Aseel Nasser AlShehri, Dalal Minis AlQahtani,Elaf Ibrahem Hajaar, Salma Fathi AlQassab Nuclear Medicine Technology
79 Quick Reference application for patient preparation in Nuclear Medicine 2018 Fadillah AlUqaili, Afnan AlShahrani, Marwa AlShebaah Nuclear Medicine Technology
80 Role of Nuclear Medicine in Bone Infection 2017 Rahma AbdulMohsen AlHamadi,Wellaiah Ali AlZaid Nuclear Medicine Technology
81 Date of distant and regional metastases on 18F-FDG PET/CT of breast cancer: Comparison of Women younger and older than forty years 2017 Doaa AlDahan,Bashaier Zainaldeen,Kawthar AlQaffas,Zahraa AlGhryafi,Farah AlYousif Nuclear Medicine Technology
82 Current status of Nuclear Medicine Practice in Saudi Arabia 2017 Wejdan Abdu AlAssiri,Waad Saeed AlQarni,Sara Ali AlAbdli,Zahra Mohammed Al,Haneen Mohammed Bajunaid Nuclear Medicine Technology
83 Awareness of the patient after Radioiodine therapy in Thyrotoxicosis 2018 Noor AlMohimeed,Khadijah AlKhadhabah,Lamia Abdullah,Marim AlHunaidi,Zahrah AlMobarak Nuclear Medicine Technology

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