Frequently Asked Questions.

If you're new to the College campus, LIBRARY can answer many of the questions you may have about the Library.

The regular schedule is: Sunday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
IMC has two libraries on campus, including the Central Library and the Female Library.
The library is located on the main campus of the Inaya College near the Main Auditorium and in front of Sport facilities Center. The Male Library is on the ground floor and the Female Library on the first floor of the building number #5.
The following may be the best place to start if you have a question, please call at their following:
Mr. Patrix - Tel Ext: 500 - Male Library Mrs. Seham –Tel Ext: 444 - Female Library
Even though most of us are used to using a few Internet search engines to find information, there are many reasons for you to use library online and print resources for finding information for your coursework.
The Cafe facility is located on the ground floor of the main college building. Its menu includes coffee, tea, pastries, sandwiches, and cold drinks.
For assistance, please ask at a library service / enquiry desk.
Yes, but for the use inside the library only
Faculty, staff and Students of IMC are eligible to use the computer in the library. The library is equipped with 14 computer workstations for individual use. In addition, each computer seat in the library contains a network connection that provides access to the Internet. Daily access to computers is a service that is really appreciated by library users in this area. Wireless access is available in all library space.
Book carts, for moving books within the building or to your car, available at the Circulation Desk
Calculator may be available at Circulation Desk for the use inside the library
In the Library, Reserve shelf is located on the extreme Right side of the main library entrance.
Please contact the Circulation / Information Desk
Please use the library email or fill the purchase request form to submit your purchase recommendations for the Library.
Library Card: Valid College ID Card serves as Library cards. This should be presented at the Circulation Desk every time you borrow books or renew them.
Please contact Circulation /Information Desk and soon a suggestion box will be located just outside the main library gate.
Group study and individual study room is available on a first come, first served basis only.
The book collection in English is located on the front side from the main entrance and Reference collection on the second shelves row in front side of the library entrance. To find a book on particular topic or by a certain Author, do a key word search on library catalog available online or ask at the Circulation desk.
The Library will soon subscribe the print journals and magazines (periodicals). The current issues of these periodicals will be kept on display racks at the left side of the main entrance.
  • Find a book, and to see where it is and how many copies there are.
  • See if a book is on loan or available for borrowing.
  • Find books on a particular subject.
  • Reserve a book which is out on loan,
  • Check and/or renew your loans.
  • Check and/or cancel your reservations.
The Library's catalog provides location and call number information for books, recent publications, and CD-ROM products. You can search catalog by author, title, subject, keyword, and call number. All information about the resources is available online and can be access from any computer within the campus. To access the library catalogue, you can go through by typing URL address in google or other web browser address bar to access the library catalogue or through the college website.
The Library has off-Campus access facility of our Library online catalogue. It can be accessed through the Internet via the Web at Anyone may freely access our library catalogue from any computer with an Internet connection. Library Users will be able to search by title, author, keyword, subject or call number.
Access to the databases may be obtained from any computers within the campus and is freely available to anyone round the clock. No password /Username are required. Just put the URL address- in your browser address bar and enter, Here you will get the databases list and then click any one of your interest and the database page will appear on your computer screen.
Inaya student, faculty, or staff can access our Databases from off-campus (Remote Access). If you want to connect and access our databases from outside of the college campus network, you must log in through the library web page or college website
Call numbers in Inaya College Libraries follow the Dewey Decimal Classification System. For example: a book with the class number 320 (political science) would be shelved before another at 320.5 (ideology, a concept in political science), which would be shelved before another at 320.51 (liberalism, an ideology).
If the catalogue record says "available" and it does not seem to be in its assigned shelf location, there are a number of possibilities:
  • The item has been returned and is in the process of being re-shelved or on the book carts there. Ask at the desk.
  • The item has been miss-shelved; often, circulation staff can find such an item quickly.
  • A library user is using the item in the library.
  • The item is missing.
  • Library circulation staff will be happy to search for the book(s). Visit circulation desk and report that you cannot find the book and would like a staff member to search for it and notify you if it is located
To find the book in the Library you need to know the location, the status and the class Number:
The status tells you whether or not the item is available
  • Books which are available are shown as available
  • Books which are on loan show the date when the book is due to be returned
  • Books which have recently been returned and not yet re-shelved will be on shelving cart
  • The location tells you which Library the item is held.
  • The class Number tells you where to find the item on the shelf
First the books are grouped together by number and then within that number by a 3-letter code:
  • 100s come before 200s, come before 300s
  • 152 comes before 153
  • 153.5 comes before 153.6
  • 153.5 ABC comes before 153.5 DEF
You can place a reservation for any book which is on loan, or which you cannot find on the shelves. You will be informed when it is available for you to borrow.
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